Underdark Campaign


Eryndlyn Chapter 1

h1. Eryndlyn Background
Eryndlyn is a drow city of more than sixty thousand. It lies in hidden caves beneath the High Moor in the Upper Underdark. Founded by drow war bands seeking to reclaim legacies of the ancient elven realm of Miyeritar, Eryndlyn dominates the northern Undermoor tunnels. (The southern Undermoor is the domain of derro and illithids, both holding vast cities in the Lowerdark.)
Eryndlyn’s far-ranging merchants periodically emerge under darkness to trade with unscrupulous merchants along the Sword Coast.

The cavern of the city is dome shaped, more than two miles in diameter. A shallow lake lies in the center of the cavern fed by two freshwater rivers and drained by a third leaving three sprawling plateaus.

Initially the city was ruled by merchant houses but three major religious factions soon came to dominate the city. The largest plateau, in the city’s northernn periphery, is dominated by the clergy of Lloth. The southeastern plateau is controlled by Vhaeraun’s followers. The oft flooded southwestern area is controlled by Shar’s cultists. Although open warfare diminished long ago, hostilities threaten to tear Eryndlyn apart.

h2. Getting your feet wet
After arrival the group successfully disrupted a significant amount of Llolthian forces and supplies through subterfuge, plotting, and sacrafice. The barracks now destroyed and another encounter with the collective in the distant future. The group finds some time to rest and regain their numbers as they recover from their travels. They find a listener whispering in the darkness, reassess their resource distribution and welcome the rogue that has been following them into their fold.



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